Jesse Mullan
Maker and Seller of Fine Internets Since 2008
San Francisco, Monday, January 25th, 2021.


In these modern times, no business is complete without a complete set of Internet Tubes. How is your supply? Turn to the best!

We can supply you with the highest quality handmade webs, or connect you with the best of the mass-produced information superhighway products.


This site is more of a portfolio, or a portal to all things Jesse Mullan, but you may wish to examine my rather more stoic résumé.


I maintain an active presence on the internet. Occasionally I post on one of my blogs:

  • Here I write about the neighborhood in which I live.
  • This is my primary space for practicing the gentle art of journaling. I write here for my own benefit, but various friends and family members heckle me from time to time. Fair warning: the text here is not intended for children.
  • This is my technical blog, where I post about writing software. The name reflects my hope to put some academic content out there as well.


Fine Art, Industrial, Sporting or Event

Video Games

I worked on video games at the University and on my own time. Here are some, presented basically in chronological order:

  • Mario: a proof of concept
  • Handy Andy's Key Quest: The javascript video game equivalent of an industrial film. High five!
  • Handy Andy Bowling: Please enjoy the possibly horrible soundtrack that I made for this game in Garage Band. You will also note the accurate bowling scoring (even if the gameplay is... not accurate)
  • Handy Andy World 2: We somehow convinced our bosses that another, even weirder video game would be more successful. We were right!
  • Oh the Huge Manatee: I have no shame in this Hindenburg simulation. There is no goal.
  • Cthulhu Bowling: What if I took that bowling engine and put Cthulhu into it? This is the utterly fantastic outcome.
  • Apestronauts! I joined Watermelon Sauce to make a banana-throwing game for the 2011 node knockout. (currently offline)

Additional credits for each game can be found in said games, and so are omitted here for the sake of brevity.

Jesse Mullan in Small Pieces

Do you have a short attention span? Are you looking for more ways to get chunks of Jesse all over your screen? Here are some places where I show up on the internet. You can probably find each via Google, as I have nothing to hide -- but why should you have to search?


Please feel free to contact me with the following information:
Jesse Mullan
(415) 203-3747